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Research projects in Information Technology

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Location-based Social Networks

This project aims to design effective and intelligent search techniques for large scale social network data. The project expects to advance existing social network search systems in three unique aspects: utilizing the geographical locations of queries and social network data to provide more relevant results; acknowledging and handling inherent uncertainties in the data; and exploiting knowledge graphs to produce intelligent search results. Expected outcomes of this project include a next-generation social network search system and enhanced international collaborations.

Indoor Data Management

A large part of modern life is lived indoors such as in homes, offices, shopping malls, universities, libraries and airports. However, almost all of the existing location-based services (LBS) have been designed only for outdoor space. This is mainly because the global positioning system (GPS) and other positioning technologies cannot accurately identify the locations in indoor venues.

Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resource Languages

The proposed project aims to develop new methodologies for developing NMT systems between extremely low-resource languages and English. Recent advances in neural machine translation (NMT) are a significant step forward in machine translation capabilities. However, "NMT systems have a steeper learning curve with respect to the amount of training data, resulting in worse quality in low-resource settings".