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Location-based Social Networks

Primary supervisor

Aamir Cheema

Research area

Data Engineering

This project aims to design effective and intelligent search techniques for large scale social network data. The project expects to advance existing social network search systems in three unique aspects: utilizing the geographical locations of queries and social network data to provide more relevant results; acknowledging and handling inherent uncertainties in the data; and exploiting knowledge graphs to produce intelligent search results. Expected outcomes of this project include a next-generation social network search system and enhanced international collaborations. The success of this project will support and enhance a wide range of applications such as law enforcement, health, national security, marketing, and advertisement.

Required knowledge


  • First class Honors or Masters degree including substantial research project, GPA 80%+ in Software Engineering or related area
  • Bachelor with Honours or Masters by research degree in a related area.


  • Refereed publications including journal or conference of high repute

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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