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Supervisors in Information Technology, Monash University

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Rafael Baiao Dowsley

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity of the Faculty of Information Technology. My research focuses on cryptography and its abundant intersections with fields such as machine learning, privacy and information theory. I have a keen interest in the design of cryptographic protocols to enhance privacy and some of my current investigations are into privacy-preserving machine learning and blockchain technologies.

Research area:

Chris Bain

I am the inaugural Professor of Digital Health at Monash University. I'm based in the Faculty of IT but work with partners right across the University - both in Australia and in Malaysia -  and in the health industry at a local, state and federal level. 

Tom Bartindale

If you are a designer, computer scientist, engineer, or social scientist that is looking to research real-world challenges, and you are interested in human-centred design methods or human-centred design methods, then you might be interested in working with me and the cross-disciplinary team at Action Lab to address Digital Civics challenges. 


Dr Gleb Belov

Have done lots of technical design of optimization algorithms and modeling, in particular branch-and-cut-and-price, dynamic programming, modeling in MiniZinc, MIP reformulations of high-level constraints

Research area:

Christoph Bergmeir

Regretfully I'm not able to take on new students at Monash

John Betts

Research area:

Dr Marcel Boehme

Marcel's research is focussed on automated vulnerability detection, analysis, testing, debugging, and repair of large software systems, where he investigates practical topics such as efficiency, scalability, and reliability of automated techniques via theoretical and empirical analysis. His highperformance fuzzers discovered 100+ bugs in widely-used software systems, more than 50 of which are security-critical vulnerabilities registered as CVEs at the US National Vulnerability Database.

Research area:

Dr Mario Boley

I work on advancing tools for human-centred data analysis. In contrast to machine learning methods that aim for automation (e.g., self-driving cars), human-centred data analysis methods aim to empower human users. In order to be effective, such methods and their results must be simple and interpretable yet provide valid answers to critical analysis questions.

Professor Wray Buntine

Wray enjoys playing with web/text data, writing code, and devising Bayesian algorithms. He used to support some of his work on Github (wbuntine).

Professor Frada Burstein

Prof Burstein is an ICT Lead researcher in digital health. Her expertise is in multidisciplinary, participatory research, knowledge management tools, including those for mobile and real time decision support. In the past ten years she led the design and implementation of on-line portals, mobile apps and ontologies for decision support in various health domains.

Displaying 16 - 30 of 303 supervisors.