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My research sits at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, Science and Technology Studies, and Participatory Design. I am particularly interested in how creative, critical and participatory design methods can inspire and enable social and environmental sustainability with marginalised groups (e.g. women and children). I am currently focusing on two research areas in my role as a research fellow within the Digital Equity and Digital Transformation Group. Firstly, I am part of the PROTIC project leading research exploring the role if ICT in empowering domestic workers in Bangladesh. Secondly, I am collaborating with education researchers to explore how creative, sensory methods can be used to reveal children's water and climate change literacy, and subsequent opportunities for curriculum and policy development.  

Research interests include: 

  • Participatory design and research methods
  • Co-design and innovation of ICT
  • Sustainability, place and environment.
  • Climate change and water literacy 
  • Civic engagement and participation of children and youth
  • Platform cooperativism
  • Data & Data literacy. 

Supervisor's projects

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