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Data storage to enable actionable data via quality care dashboards for clinicians

Primary supervisor

Michael Wybrow


Research area

Data Engineering

This PhD project is funded by a DHCRC project "Actionable data for clinicians and external accreditors in support of quality care provision and continuous accreditation". The successful applicant will work as part of a larger research team on this project which includes multiple industry partners.

The objective of the Actionable Data project is to develop and prove a reusable framework for delivering the use of live streaming clinical analytics and reporting for quality improvement and hospital accreditation in an Australian digital hospital with stand-alone EMR and a statewide incident monitoring system, which is Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Incident Management System (IMS) agnostic.  The project will demonstrate the impact of the framework on clinical practice; hospital audit (QPI) teams; and external auditing agencies. It will document a roadmap for Australian hospitals to adopt live digital dashboard generation supported by new models of proactive and continuous quality improvement and accreditation.

The PhD project will involve research and implementation work across a number of data engineering areas including database structure and schema design, efficient storage of large amounts of data, data cleaning and efficient incremental importing of new data, efficient database query design to support utilisation of data in hospital dashboards. There may be opportunities for the student to spend time embedded at Hospitals run by one of the project partners.

Required knowledge

Strong database and programming skills. Some knowledge of medical systems or processes beneficial.

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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