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Data is the new "Oil". The world most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data (The Economist May 2017). Any companies have data; large volume and often scattered data. Data is an important asset. So, research on data management will give you a lot of opportunities. Research on data management covers a wide range of aspects, from design, query algorithms, data structures, to data integration, data cleansing, and fusion. This includes the use of  big data technologies, such as cloud platform (e.g. clusters, fog/edge computing), and big data framework and tools (e.g. spark, Hadoop, NoSQL), as well as IoT (e.g. sensor data). There are also a wide range of application domains, including, healthcare, medicine, AgTech, manufacturing, railway, environment, ecology, and utility. The problems typically need an inter-disciplinary solutions, and hence we do extensive inter-disciplinary collaborations to address Big Data and IoT problems.