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[Summer Project] - Supporting Document Annotation

Primary supervisor

Reuben Kirkham

(This is *not* a minor thesis or honours project, but a summer scholarship project advert only available to existing Monash taught students).

This project provides an opportunity to build on an existing funded project that focussed on document annotation using a web platform. The idea of this project is to build systems that can help humans add labels to documents more rapidly. 

The idea is that you would be able to expand an existing system, by way of implementing and evaluating a plug-in using Javascript. This would be a helpful expansion of this system, as well as serving as an opportunity to help develop a real tool that genuinely assists with a real problem.

For more details, please get directly in touch with me at

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester

Required knowledge

Understanding of how to program in Javascript. 

Interest in Human Computer Interaction.