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Living AI

Primary supervisor

Levin Kuhlmann

In collaboration with people from Monash materials engineering, neuroscience and biochemistry we are developing living AI networks where neurons in a dish are grown to form biological neural networks that can be trained to do machine learning and AI tasks in a similar way to artificial neural networks. In this project you will develop machine learning theory that is consistent with the learning that occurs within these biological neural networks, so that these networks can be leveraged for AI applications. In addition, you will develop mathematical and computational neuroscience models of the development of connections in these biological neural networks and their spontaneous and stimulation-driven formation. These models will provide a framework for simulating and testing biological neural networks before they are created in real life.   

Required knowledge

The candidate should have some skills in the following areas, or a willingness to learn these skills: programming, machine learning, AI, neural networks, Bayesian inference, computational neuroscience, mathematics. 

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