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Investigating interfaces for Rapid Document Annotation and Redaction of Government Records

Primary supervisor

Reuben Kirkham

Over recent decades, most democratic countries have extensive rights for citizens to request and access personal and civic information. These requests have to be processed by reviewing documents and records, first to see if the document is relevant and if so, to redact any personal information. 

This project will involve designing, implementing and testing an 'mock-up' interface for conducting this review process. By understanding how rapidly this activity might be done, it is possible to increase the amount of information that can be made available to a requester, because organisations often rely on time/cost limit exemptions to avoid providing information to requestors. This project is an experimental study aimed at investigating this issue. 

Student cohort

Single Semester


Kirkham, Reuben. "How long is a piece of string? The appropriateness of search time as a measure of ‘burden’in Access to Information regimes." Government Information Quarterly 35.4 (2018): 657-668.

Required knowledge

An interest in Human Computer Interaction research.