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Vincent CS Lee is currently an Associate Professor (equivalent to full professor of North American Academic Scale) with the Faculty of IT, Monash University and a Senior Member of IEEE. His research skills are on Adaptive Learning and Adaptive Inferencing. He is known for his theoretical and applied work spanning multi-disciplinary research field at the intersection across IT, Digital Health, Signal/Image and Information Processing, Finance Engineering, Educational Data Mining, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Deep ML, Computer Vision for Dynamic Objects Tracking, and Value-creating Multi-agent Autonomous Systems. He has served several IEEE/ACM Scientific Boards, Journal Reviewer and Special Issue editors. He has published 200+ papers in IEEE/ACM SCImago ranked Q1 Journals and A/A* International Conference proceedings. His published articles are in IEEE TSP, IEEE TKDE; Expert Systems with Applications; Information Science; International Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing; ACM PLos One; Automation in Construction; Computer aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering; Neuro-Computing; Structural Health Monitoring; European Journal of Operational Research; IEEE Security & Privacy; Journal of Educational Computing Research. He served technical program chairs and reviewers of IEEE/ACM flagship IC committees of A/A* ranked Peer-review International Conferences (AAAI, IJCAI, ICDM, ICWS, ICDE, PAKDD, CIKM, WCCI, IEEE SP, IC-EDM).

Lee has been awarded over $one million of Category 1/2/3 competitive grants. Prior to become an academia in NTU Singapore, Monash University Australia and joint US-Singapore Computer Board tertiary institution in Singapore, he has led to completion of six very large-scale infrastructure-based projects involving Mechanical and Electrical; Avionic (radar & navigation aid) engineering planning & Design; health and medical system integration projects.  The total project sums amounting to S$900 million. Lee is an Associate Editor, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, a SCImago ranked Q1 Journal.  Lee has supervised to completion of 25 PhDs and many Masters Theses projects; and he is the sole recipient of The 2016 Dean of Monash, FIT Excellence award for Post-Graduate Supervision.  

Education/Academic qualification (six degrees from three countries)

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Computer System Engineering), University of Newcastle, 3 May 1992.
  2. Master of Science (Electrical Engineering), National University of Singapore, 5 August 1984.
  3. Master of Business Administration (Business Administration), Brunel University (London), 28 Oct 1991.
  4. Master of Business (Accountancy), RMIT University (Melbourne), 1 Jul 1997.
  5. Business of Business (Hons I) (Economics and Finance), RMIT University (Melbourne), 6 Dec 2002
  6. Bachelor of Engineering (BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering), The University of Singapore, 5 May 1972

Research area keywords

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Fraud detection 
  • Event-driven anomaly pattern detection in data streams
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Mining and Knowledge discovery
  • Deep machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing