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I am a Lecturer in the Immersive Analytics Lab, interested in the visualization of mental states and the development of feedback systems that foster users' awareness of their own emotions and cognition. Before joining Monash, I was the lead postdoctoral Research Fellow on the ARC Discovery project ”Conceptualising and measuring digital emotion regulation” at the University of Melbourne. I investigated how digital technology influences our emotional lives, and how we use digital technology to intentionally change our emotions.

I received my PhD from Keio University, Japan, combining methods from cognitive psychology and ubiquitous computing to research novel ways of detecting cognitive states. I have been especially interested in deploying commodity devices (e.g., smartphones, smart glasses) in everyday settings to enable comprehensive long-term mental state assessments. Through my research, I contribute to the design of new computing systems that adapt to their users, intervene, support information processing, and improve user experience and well-being.

I am always open to new research proposals and new research topics that push me and the boundaries of HCI and other sciences. Feel free to reach out with ideas at any time.