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Research projects in Information Technology

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Interactive eating

This project explores the role of technology in facilitating playful eating experiences, developing a novel understanding of how interactive technology can – and should – be designed to promote positive eating experiences. 

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller

Human-Computer Integration

The rise of technology that supports a partnership between user and computer highlights an opportunity for a new era of “human-computer integration”, contrasting the previously dominant paradigm of computers functioning as tools.

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller

Interactive muscle memory (motor memory)

There is an opportunity to prototype interactive muscle memory systems and study their use in order to understand what designers can learn from remembering activities that involve the active human body in regard to designing interactive systems. 

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller

Digital aquatic play

There is an opportunity to prototype digital water play systems and examine users’ aquatic body-environment interactions to derive an understanding of digital technology’s opportunities to facilitate novel bodily water play interactions in-water, on-water and underwater. 

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller

Playing with Flying Pixels (quadcopters)

With drones getting smaller and smaller, we regard them as physical pixels that can be placed anywhere in space, allowing us to experience digital content in the physical world in novel playful ways.

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller

Interactive rock-climbing

There is an opportunity to enrich indoor rock-climbing or bouldering through interactive technology. This project builds on prior work and combines bouldering with Hololens and motion capture.

Supervisor: Floyd Mueller