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Explainable Artificial Creativity

Primary supervisor

Maria Teresa Llano


Research area


Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence models have created exciting new possibilities for creative artists. But understanding how to work most effectively with these models is still a major challenge.

We are offering a PhD scholarship for an enthusiastic researcher interested in developing new interfaces and interaction methodologies for creative AI systems. Part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded, interdisciplinary project investigating the role of explainability in creative AI, this PhD research will investigate modes of interaction where the machine takes an active role in ideation and generation by engaging in ongoing dialogue with it’s users.

The successful candidate will contribute to the development of new AI models and novel interfaces, using machine learning approaches and employing dialogue and interrogation at the heart of the interaction. This dialogue may be linguistic, visual or musical, and may involve multiple senses or modalities.


Required knowledge

To be considered you will need to have experience working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. You should also be engaged in (or have an interest in developing) a creative practice in one of the following areas: visual art, design, music or poetry.

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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