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Copy-Paste App Usage Actions from Recordings

Primary supervisor

Chunyang Chen


Screen recordings of mobile applications are easy to obtain and capture a wealth of information pertinent to users (e.g., tutorials, feature usages), making them a popular mechanism for crowdsourced app usage. Manually following the screen recordings to replay the app usage can be a time consuming process, due to the long length of the recordings and UI bias between screens. Therefore, for users and developers, it is crucial to accelerate the replay process.


Toward that goal, we have finished a series of works in automated recording replay by leveraging image processing and deep learning techniques [1]. Watch our live demo here [2]. This project will invent an app shortcut mechanism for helping users (the elders and the disabilities who cannot conveniently utilize the app) quickly reproduce the usage [3]. 


[1] Feng, S., & Chen, C. (2021). GIFdroid: Automated Replay of Visual Bug Reports for Android Apps. Accepted to 44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2022)


[2] GIFdroid tool. Available:


[3] Project of copy-paste. Available:


Student cohort

Double Semester

Required knowledge

Required knowledge

  • Strong programming background.
  • Android development.
  • Basic understanding in image processing, deep learning will be of added advantage.