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Automatic generation of definition of done from user stories to meet ISO25010 quality attributes

Primary supervisor

Tanjila Kanij

User stories are a useful medium to represent requirements of an application. They usually follow a predefined format to represent a required functionality and/feature of an application. Those are prepared before application is developed and works as a source of reference through out the development process.

Definition of done is a popular phrase used to defined criteria of completion on application features or more specifically on items of work. Definition of done is a common concept mostly used in Scrum development teams. Every product backlog item is associated with completion criteria that defines when the item will be accepted as done/completed. Usually definition of done is decided together with product backlog items in the sprint planning meeting. Some quality attributes are reviewed to define the definitions of done. ISO 25010 is a good reference for quality attributes.

This project aims to create a tool that can read the user stories and can generate definition of done to meet ISO 25010 quality attributes.

Student cohort

Double Semester


Expected outcome is a tool that can read user stories written in English language and can generate a set of definition of done. The tool will be helpful for requirement analysis as well as quality assurance phase of an application development. This will save a lot of manual time devoted to generate definition of done for each item.

Required knowledge

Knowledge of text analysis and strong programming skills