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Designing with social media to support NGOs and community organisations [Minor Thesis]

Primary supervisor

Delvin Varghese


As part of this project, you will work closely with a community organisation or NGO (this can either be an organisation that you have existing links with or we will connect you with one of our partner NGOs). Working in collaboration with the org, you will find out challenges they face in giving voice to their communities/beneficiaries that can be addressed through social media (for instance, perhaps they want to run an awareness raising campaign about the difficulties faced by the community and they want the communities to be very involved in this). Once you identify a challenge, you will work closely with them to design a process built on social media to help the organisation empower their community.

The methodology will be inspired by Action Research, co-design and participatory design approaches, which involve a commitment to working closely with practitioners (staff and volunteers from NGOs and community organizations).

See a previous example of this approach: WhatFutures <>

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester


WhatFutures <>

Indaba (an example of previous community-led media creation research that we have facilitated): <>

Required knowledge

This type of project is suited to both technical and non-technical students, however, experience of using social media technologies is definitely desirable!