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Automated Android App UI Transformation across Platforms

Primary supervisor

Chunyang Chen

Mobile apps are now indispensable in our daily life. With the increasing interconnection of smart devices, users may adopt the same app on different devices for the same task, like playing the same game on both phones and TV. However, the significant difference in screen size and aspect ratio make the content display on Graphical User Interface (GUI) challenging to adapt to all screens. Current software companies have to redesign GUI for every platform device or directly develop a new app for a different platform, which is time-consuming and costly.

Facing the challenge, we aim to design a series of automated Android app UI transformation techniques to adapt UI to different platforms. It is also a hot topic in industrial. We also cooperated with a well-known Internet company in the project, which has achieved good stage results. Participating in this project will also be of great help to entering the industry in the future. We hope to develop an automated GUI transformation tool to convert phone GUI to multiple platforms.

Student cohort

Double Semester

Required knowledge

Required knowledge

  • Strong programming background in Python or Java.
  • Basic understanding of Deep Learning, especially Transformer or GAN.
  • Experience in Android app development will be a big plus.