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Assessing Glymphatic Pathway function in Motor Neuron Disease using MRI

Primary supervisor

David Wright


The glymphatic pathway has been proposed as a key contributor to the clearance of fluid and metabolic waste products, such as amyloid beta and tau, from the brain. Recently, dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI has been used to visualize the glymphatic system and monitor CSF-interstitial fluid exchange in normal and Type 2 diabetes mellitus rats, with the latter showing impaired clearance of interstitial fluid. It has also been proposed that glymphatic function may be compromised in motor neuron disease (MND) patients. 

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester


This project will use ultra-high field MRI to investigate glymphatic function in an animal model of MND. For more information contact supervisors ( Please note, the Wright group is based in the Neuroscience Department at the Alfred campus (99 Commercial rd, Melbourne 3004) 


Required knowledge

Python, Matlab