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Dr Yasmeen George

Yasmeen is a Lecturer with the data science and AI department at Monash Faculty of Information Technology with over a decade of interdisciplinary research experience in AI for healthcare analytics. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in 2018. Her research focuses on the use of AI for automated medical image analysis for better management of various health conditions including, kidney/breast/skin cancer, glaucoma, psoriasis. She worked on various research projects including event detection in social media streams, AI for automatic systematic reviews, cancer segmentation and classification, disease severity assessment and lesion detection using different data modalities (text, numerical, 2D images, and 3D volumes). Her research work is recognised through serval research publications, 2 patents, invited talks, and research grants. Her research interests include AI, data science, computer vision, and medical image analytics across domains of radiology, dermatology, neurology and ophthalmology.