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I am interested in supervising highly creative and competent students to work on research projects that explore new visualisation techniques, interfaces or interactions that enable richer understanding of complex multi-dimensional geospatial data sets. 

My own research investigates new geospatial visualisation techniques and user-centred visualisation design methodologies for helping see more from the growing complexity of large volumes of data.  

My research has a sustainability focus often in collaboration with the Monash Energy Institute, where I explore data visualisation for the net zero energy transition from new methods of visual communication of energy consumption and generation through to control room operators and network visualisation. 

I also have an interest in urban data visualisation, where we can better understand the complexity of urban data (the CityVis website presents a collection of the work in this space) and in exploring the many challenges of information literacy and inclusivity that are arising with the growing volume of data visualisations available.

I am open to new ideas and research topics that push the boundaries of geographical information visualisation or human-centred visualisation methodologies.

Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing a research topic relating to the following research interests: Visual Analytics, Information Visualisation, Geovisualisation, User-Centred Visualisation Design, Energy Visualisation, Urban Visualisation, Uncertainty Visualisation, Cartography, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Geodemographics, Movement Analytics, Sports Analytics.