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Roberto Martinez-Maldonado Associate Professor of Learning Analytics and Human-Computer Interaction in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University. A computer system engineer by training and skills, Roberto’s developments are aimed at finding the match between the best blended learning pedagogies and the advantages that emerging technologies may offer to provide continued support for learning on and off campus.


Roberto’s current research is in the area of Learning and Teamwork Analytics, in which he utilises his expertise in human-computer interaction, collaborative learning and artificial intelligence. In the past years, his main aim has been to develop methods for assessing and enhancing the performance of collocated teams by making key multimodal activity traces visible and available for computational analysis. Roberto’s innovations have included the design of analytics dashboards, warning systems and data storytelling tools to be used in regular classrooms and in healthcare. More recently, his research has pioneered the application of co-design methods at the intersection of education and data science.


Here’s a link to his most recent publications.