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Side-channel Attacks and Countermeasures on Trusted Execution Environemts

Primary supervisor

Shujie Cui

Research area


Modern Intel, ARM and AMD CPUs offer hardware support for trusted execution environments (TEEs). A TEE protects the confidentiality and integrity of computation and data by shielding it from the rest of the system. Due to its practical performance , TEEs have been widely used in plenty of scenarios and systems to secure the data processing. However, TEEs suffer side-channel attacks that can break their security guarantees. 

This project aims at protecting TEEs from various side-channel attacks, including Intel SGX, ARM Trustzone, AMD SEV and others.  On the one hand, we will explore and evaluate possible side channel attacks on different TEEs.  On the other hand, we will design efficient and effective countermeasures both in software and system levels.


Required knowledge

1. Knowledge of cryptography, information security and trusted computing

2. Knowledge of operating system

3. Experience in C/C++

Project funding


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