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Fault-tolerant Multi-user Dynamic Verifiable Searchable Encryption

Primary supervisor

Shujie Cui


Verifiable Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption (VDSSE) enables users to securely outsource databases (document sets) to cloud servers and perform searches and updates. The verifiability property prevents users from accepting incorrect search results returned by a malicious server. However, the community currently only focuses on preventing malicious behavior from the server but ignores incorrect updates from the client, which are very likely to happen in multi-user settings. Indeed most existing VDSSE schemes are not sufficient to tolerate incorrect updates from users. For instance, deleting a nonexistent keyword-identifier pair can break their correctness and soundness. 

Student cohort

Double Semester


This project aims to design a fault-tolerate VDSSE scheme that ensures the users always get correct search results even if there are update collisions. 


Required knowledge

Good knowledge of information security and cryptography