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Supervisors in Information Technology, Monash University

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Dr Cagatay Goncu

I am a Research Fellow in the Inclusive Technologies and Immersive Analytics Labs at Monash University, Faculty of IT, Australia. I am developing software and hardware technologies that allow blind people access information anywhere without any barriers. My interests are in human computer interaction, wearable computing, computer vision and sport analytics. I am also the co-founder of RaisedPixels ( which is developing apps that provide blind people access to textual and graphical content on portable devices.  


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Dr Sarah Goodwin

I am interested in supervising highly creative and competent students to work on research projects that explore new visualisation techniques, interfaces or interactions that enable richer understanding of complex multi-dimensional geospatial data sets.  My own research expertises explore new geospatial visualisation techniques and user-centred visualisation design methodologies for enabling our understanding of the growing complexity of large volumes of data.  This research is often in collaboration with the Monash Energy Institute, where I explore

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Prof John Grundy

I have been Professor of Software Engineering since 2002 and for most of this time I have been working on "Automated Software Engineering" – developing techniques and tools to support software engineers (and often end users) in capturing requirements, designing, generating, testing and deploying complex software systems, very often by using human-centric visual modelling languages.

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Dr Julian Gutierrez Santiago

I am a Monash University Lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology and a Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. I did my PhD at the University of Edinburgh (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science) and was an ERC postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge (Computer Laboratory) and the University of Oxford (Department of Computer Science). At present, I am Co-Director of the Monash Laboratory for the Foundations of Computing.

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Assoc Professor Reza Haffari

Automatic translation from one language to another using machines, aka machine translation (MT), has been one of the main goals of AI. The majority of the MT literature works at the sentencelevel, by treating the document to be translated as a bag of sentences and translating sentences independently. Coherent translation of documents is out of reach for current state-of-the-art MT systems, since several discourse phenomena cannot be translated correctly without referring to extra-sentential context.

Dr Daniel Harabor

I am interested in sequential decision-making problems of the type that appear in the areas of AI Planning and Heuristic Search. Often these problems involve one or more agents moving through a task environment. Our job in this case is to find a collision-free trajectory that brings each agent from an initial start location and to a desired target position. Such problems appear in many settings including Robotics, GPS Navigation and in Computer Games.

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Dr Munawar Hayat

I am a Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA fellow at Faculty of IT, Monash University, Australia. I completed my PhD in Computer Vision from The University of Western Australia (UWA). My PhD thesis received multiple awards including the prestigious Robert Street Prize. My research interests are in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and affective computing.

Assoc Professor Rashina Hoda

I am an associate professor of software engineering in the Faculty of IT at Monash University and associate dean (academic development). My research focuses on human and social aspects of software engineering specialising in agile software development.

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Displaying 76 - 90 of 292 supervisors.