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Supervisors in Information Technology, Monash University

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Mark Wallace

Professor Wallace ’s research interests lie in modelling and software platforms for planning, scheduling and optimisation problems. 

He is passionate about modelling and optimisation and the benefits they bring.  While data analytics enables us to understand the past, and forecast the future, optimisation enables us to act on this knowledge and turn it to profit – or at least a better quality of service at a cheaper cost!

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Dr Hao Wang

Hao Wang is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of IT, Monash University. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA, and a Washington Research Foundation (WRF) Innovation Fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.

Dr Shuo Wang

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Teresa Wang

Dr. Teresa Weiqing Wang is currently a senior lecturer in data science with Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. 

Dr. Teresa Weiqing Wang's current main research interests include entity/user modelling, relational/structural and spatial/temporal machine learning, graph/network construction and analysis, and recommender systems. She is especially interested in social data, eCommerce data, and health/medical data modelling. 

Prof Geoff Webb

My current key areas of research focus on machine learning in the context of change. The world is dynamic and in a constant state of flux, yet most machine learning models learn static models from a dataset that represents a single snapshot in time. My group's research is revolutionising the field of temporal analytics. We have refocused the field on methods that are both effective and feasible for non-trivial problems.

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Prof Jon Whittle

Jon leads the OVIS (Operationalizing Values in Software) research group in FIT. The group is investigating values-based software development – that is, in a world in which AI and ML systems increasingly make decisions previously made by humans, how can we ensure that the values of an individual, an organization or a society are embedded in the software we build? The group studies software development organizations to better understand how companies currently embed human or corporate values in software.

Assoc Professor Campbell Wilson

Interdisciplinary application of computing

Dr Wilson's recent PhD projects include prioritised file search and classification of dark web content and behavior with the Australian Federal Police, and phosphorylation site and protein family prediction using deep convolutional networks with Monash Medicine. In the past Dr Wilson has also worked on image retrieval systems, social media data mining, modelling of quality of service in mobile ad-hoc networks and rotational machine health monitoring.

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Displaying 256 - 270 of 297 supervisors.