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Supervisors in Information Technology, Monash University

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Dr Jathan Sadowski

Jathan Sadowski is a senior research fellow in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab at Monash University. He received a DECRA fellowship from the Australian Research Council for a three-year project (2022-2025) researching the formation, applications, and implications of the insurance technology (insurtech) sector.

Dr Amin Sakzad

Dr. Amin Sakzad has got a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Tehran, Iran, 2011. He was a research visitor and a lecturer at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, in 2010. He was a research lecturer at AUT in 2011. Starting from Jan. 2012, he was a research fellow at Software Defined Telecommunications (SDT) Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University under supervision of Prof. Emanuele Viterbo. From Feb.

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Dr Buser Say

I am a Lecturer (i.e., Assistant Professor) in the DSAI at Monash University, the AI and ML theme coordinator for Building 4.0 CRC, an associate investigator for OPTIMA ARC, and an academic supervisor for Monash DeepNeuron. I have earned my Ph.D. (2020) on the topic of optimal planning with deep neural networks, my MASc. (2016) on the topic of least-commitment partial-order planning and my BASc. in Industrial Engineering (2014) from University of Toronto.

Dr Ehsan Shareghi

Ehsan Shareghi is an assistant professor in the Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of Monash, and an affiliated lecturer of University of Cambridge. His team works on predictive models for language (text and speech) with specific focus on large language models. If you are interested in working with me as a PhD student, I encourage you to review my publication record from the past two years to gain insight into the focus and scope of my research.

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Displaying 211 - 225 of 297 supervisors.