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Unplatforming Media Production

Primary supervisor

Tom Bartindale

Research area

Action Lab

We are a mixed or interdisciplinary group made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds, such as health, nutrition, design, media, and computer science. Together we work on projects with real communities and external partners, such as Oxfam, International Red Cross, World Fish, and many more. My particular area of interest is how we can support different forms of content creation within communities.

Content comes in many forms, such as video or audio and print, and could be for many purposes, such as journalistic, informative or for ideation. What all these have in common however, is that they involve a clear set of steps that need to be followed to produce and edit content. We have a particular focus on leveraging the existing technologies, tools and infrastructures that exist within community contexts to support these pipelines.

So for example, how could we support community podcast creation using Facebook, or how can we support large scale qualitative data collection using WhatsApp instead of door-to-door interviewing. Or how can we help communities run live radio shows when all they can access is a feature phone with no internet.

Two core challenges exist in this space. Firstly, how to coordinate and orchestrate multiple people in the community, performing production roles towards a common goal. And secondly, how can we reduce the skills barrier to production processes that have previously been reserved for professionals?

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