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Recordkeeping for Empowerment of Marginalised Communities in Australia

Primary supervisor

Viviane Hessami

This PhD project will explore how individuals in a marginalised community in Australia access, create, and manage information and their preferences for oral, written or digital tools to preserve information for the medium to long-term. The emphasis of the project will be to support and strengthen community-based initiatives and to investigate the factors that influence the choice of tools by different groups and the longevity and sustainability of recordkeeping practices.

This PhD project will contribute to the objectives of the Australian Research Council-funded DECRA project Recordkeeping for Empowerment of Marginalised Communities led by Dr Viviane Hessami, which aims to enable more effective, culturally-sensitive information dissemination programs and to support recordkeeping and information preservation programs in marginalised communities.

Required knowledge

  • A first-class Honours degree and/or a Master’s degree by research in information and/or social sciences
  • Experience working in archives, records management and/or libraries and understanding of related theories
  • Experience working with community-based organisations in Australia
  • Capacity to conduct participatory research with various stakeholders
  • Excellent English writing skills

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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