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Re-visiting hypothesis testing

Primary supervisor

David Dowe

There are many approaches to hypothesis testing.  The well-known approach of p-values has been drawn into question and even controversy in more recent years, even though criticisms reportedly date back at least as far as 1954 (Dowe, 2008a, sec. 1, pp549-550).

Discussion of how to do this using the Bayesian information-theoretic minimum message length (MML) approach (Wallace and Boulton, 1968; Wallace and Dowe, 1999a; Wallace, 2005) are given in Dowe (2008a, section 0.2.5, page 539, and section 0.2.2, page 528), and Dowe (2011, pages 919 and 964).



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Required knowledge

Important is a knowledge of at least one of mathematics, statistics and/or machine learning principles - including at least interest in probability theory - with at least one of these at least to the level of an undergraduate degree.  Candidates should also have a strong computer science background with good programming skills.

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