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[Malaysia] AI meets Cybersecurity

Primary supervisor

Raphaël C.-W. Phan


Research area



AI is now trending, and impacting diverse application domains beyond IT, from education (chatGPT) to natural sciences (protein analysis) to social media.

This PhD research focuses on the fusing AI research and cybersecurity research, notably one current direction is on advancing the latest generative AI models for cybersecurity, or vice versa: using cybersecurity to attack AI. 

The student is free to discuss with the supervisor on which topic is of the most interest to him/her, in order to shape the PhD topic. 

At the Malaysia campus of Monash, we offer various scholarships for PhD studies, including monthly stipends.  This research direction will involve close collaborations with Prof Lin Chen of China. The supervisor is currently engaged in a joint research project with Prof Lin Chen that will fund PhD students on research exchanges to Guangzhou, China.

Required knowledge

Familiarity with Python, and passion for research

Project funding


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