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Future Regional Mobilities: imagining interspecies futures

Primary supervisor

Sarah Pink

Research area

Emerging Technologies

This project examines Future Mobilities through a focus on how regional travel and transportation (of people, animals and things) is being experienced and re-imagined in relation to climate, public health and economic crisis. 

Drawing on innovative ethnographic and creative research and speculative methods the project will develop examples of possible ethical and equitable regional travel and transport futures and will investigate how these might be supported by automated technologies. 

Possible areas to explore include: ethnographies of shifting travel and transportation and the different anticipatory modes (eg trust, hope, anxiety, aspiration) through which they are experienced; the present and imagined future roles of automation (artificial intelligence (AI), automated decision-making (ADM)) in new and far future regional travel and transport; how different stakeholders (industry, government, policymakers) imagine and predict such future.

This project is based in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab: an interdisciplinary and internationally embedded research lab which conducts research into the social, cultural and experiential dimensions of the design, use and futures of new and emerging technologies. The candidate will benefit from participating in ETLab's PhD programme, our local community of world leading researchers and our international network. See


Required knowledge

Applicants should have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the social sciences or humanities (eg with training in anthropology, sociology, human geography or STS) or design. They should have experience of ethnographic research and an interest in innovative and futures focused approaches. 

Project funding


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