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Developing and evaluating educational chatbot to support self-regulated learning

Primary supervisor

Mladen Rakovic


Research area

Human Centred AI

The project involves design, implementation and evaluation of rule-based chatbot to support students when they study information from multiple texts, e.g., reading a few articles about global warming. The bot will support students' self-regulated learning skills which were theorised to promote learning achievements and boost motivation.

This research will unfold over the following 3 phases:

1. Reviewing the literature on self-regulated learning and creating a set of responses from the bot

2. Developing rule-based chatbot

3. Evaluating the bot interface and functionality with a small group of users (e.g., a student focus group)

Required knowledge

A high proficiency in Python programming language

A good command of methods for natural language processing

Knowledge of user interface design will be considered an asset

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