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Designing ethical digital voice assistants

Primary supervisor

Yolande Strengers

Research area

Emerging Technologies

This research project explores how to design more ethical and gender diverse digital voice assistants using speculative design and more-than-human methods, such as design fiction. The scope includes doing ethnographic research with conversational agents like Google Home, Alexa and Siri (such as Thing interviews), and/or doing research with design fiction agents. The aim is to develop and provoke new ethical understandings and methods for living with deliberately anthropomorphic devices.

The project could be adapted to explore emerging conversational robots and other AI in the home, care settings or workplaces depending on the candidate's interests and expertise.

Required knowledge

Degree in the social science, Science and Technology Studies,or human-computer interaction studies required. Background expertise in gender diversity or equity/ ethics highly desired. Applicants should also have experience of ethnographic research and an interest in innovative methods. 

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