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Computational and Maker Toolkits for Children with Disabilities

Primary supervisor

Swamy Ananthanarayan


Research area

Inclusive Technology

These days children have a variety of physical computing platforms (e.g., MakeyMakey, LittleBits, LilyPad Arduino), robotics devices, and computational toys available to them in both educational and domestic settings. A predominant theme behind these electronic platforms has been the Maker Movement which has given children agency over their lives and creations. However, there has been very little work on how these devices may be used or re-appropriated for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. It may be that these existing platforms are not suitable for this particular user group or face severe limitations.

This project will explore the design of computational and maker toolkits for children with disabilities by first examining the needs of this particular user group and then designing a toolkit or platform that facilities their ability to be also be a "creator of things."

Required knowledge

  • Interest in programming and tinkering with hardware modules and platforms
  • Willingness to run user studies and workshops

Project funding


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