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Collaborative systems

Primary supervisor

Patrick Olivier

Research area

Action Lab

I am interested in supervising PhD research projects in the field of collaborative systems. That can broadly described in terms of system designed to help a group of people achieve some goal or collective action. The people involved are work colleagues, professionals, students, regular citizens or some specific community will be defined by the domain. Generally such projects will have a partner organisation who currently works with the community concerns (e.g. a company, government body, charity, or non-government organisation). Having a partner organisation is usually key to the success of research such as this. Generally, I like to work with doctoral researchers who have technical skills, but if you are exclusively interested in the "understanding people" and "design" aspects there are also possibilities.

Required knowledge

  • strong interest in user-centred design
  • either strong software development skills OR knowledge of the domain (e.g. health, education, etc)
  • desire to conduct research with direct applications
  • IELTS 7.0 (overall) and good written and spoken communication skills

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