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Bootstrapping Accessible Justice

Primary supervisor

Reuben Kirkham

Research area

Inclusive Technology

Courts and Tribunals hear a large number of cases involving ordinary citizens, who usually represent themselves rather than rely upon lawyers. For example, VCAT hears over 80,000 cases a year, covering a wide range of disputes. These processes can be inaccessible for those who are less au fait with the system, meaning that a large number of people do not bring claims and cases that they would otherwise do so, thus limited access to justice for the ordinary citizen. This can be specially problematic for people from underrepresented minorities, or people with relevant disabilities. 

This project will investigate implementing support systems that assist the citizen in building and developing their case, by gathering and presenting effective evidence. By doing so, we can 'bootstrap' the existing systems that Courts and Tribunals use to interact with litigants, thus making them more inclusive for them and in turn making an important contribution to access to justice. 

Required knowledge

  • The ability to build and evaluate accessible web based interactive systems.
  • Interest in access to justice and legal concerns. 

Project funding


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