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Automated meeting recording and summarisation

Primary supervisor

Tom Bartindale

Research area

Human-Centred Computing

The current shift to online modes of conducting meetings affords incredible opportunities for both "doing" meetings differently and using emerging technologies for creating new forms of meeting records. This PhD will leverage new technologies, developed by Action Lab, for instrumenting video and audio conferencing, and combine these with meeting artefacts (e.g. agendas and associated papers) and bounded metadata capture (attendee generated). The project will explore the use of machine learning-based multimodal analysis techniques to produce novel forms of interactive meeting records. The project will be included a collaboration with BBC R&D (UK) and will include case studies that include "live" meetings associated with multinational organisations including the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). It is anticipated that the student will spend up to 3 months at the IFRC's Solfoerino Academy (global innovation hub) in Rome. The project spans media production, multimodal analysis and data analytics, and requires a student with broad technical interests and very strong software development and mathematical skills. 

Required knowledge

  • strong software development skills
  • strong mathematical skills
  • solid understand of machine learning
  • strong analytical skills
  • strong spoken and written language skills

Project funding


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