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Tools for Lay-Transcription in Field Contexts

Primary supervisor

Tom Bartindale


Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) across the world are starting to engage with community generated content in more meaningful and scaled ways. This is in part due to increased access to cheap consumer devices, data and connectivity in the regions they work.

One of the primary aims of community media in these contexts is that participants capture content in their native languages, dialects and using local references. However, the resulting content is often aimed at consumers outside of that contexts who do not understand those languages.

Organisations are financially constrained and cannot afford professional transcription and translation of this content once they have left the 'field', so many organisations make use of 'lay (not professionally trained) people to perform the transcription and translation steps for content whilst still in the field.

As part of the Indaba ( participatory video workflow, we have started designing a simplified transcription interface that can be used in these contexts. This project is to develop this interface further, and evaluate it's effectiveness at supporting lay-transcription for these types of local contexts.


To develop and evaluate a lay-transcription tool for community media processes.


Required knowledge

This project requires web-development skills.