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[Summer Internship] Telling the story of Australian Energy: the Past, Present and Future.

Primary supervisor

Sarah Goodwin


  • Roger Dargaville

Note: this is advertising for summer 2022 internship project (not an Honours Project)

The energy industry is evolving, and transiting to a new era with renewable energy being at the forefront. Making Australia aware of the lessons from the past and the predictions for the future is essential for us to start to understand how the country is changing for the better and what still needs to be done to ensure a more sustainable energy future for the population. 


Student cohort

Single Semester


Based on an interactive storytelling example for the UK developed CarbonBrief [1], this project will seek to bring this story to life by exploring the data to show the history, present and future of energy in this country.  This project involves collecting, aggregating and preparing spatial-temporal data for an interactive website, that has been initially designed and developed based on the UK example. In addition it will include improving the design and implementing interventions to allow the reader to see and explore the visual story of how the Australian energy industry is changing for the better.



[1] How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade, UK Carbon Brief, websitevideo

Required knowledge

Programming experience of with html, javascript and Mapbox JS GL, knowledge of geographical, network and temporal data, data wrangling, visualisation interface design.