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A study of end user characteristics to better understand requirements and to generate domain specific visual models for e-commerce applications

Primary supervisor

Tanjila Kanij

For the numerous benefits online shopping provides, their popularity has been on rise. Moreover, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic online shopping has become a regular activity in most of the households. As such e-commerce application are being developed at different scale. All those may not understand the requirement properly and sometimes may have overlooked special end user needs. This work is designed to understand the requirements of the e-commerce applications and how personal characteristics of the end users can influence the requirements. This will help to generate visual models to represent the requirements and to further develop those.

This work is an extension of our prior work on influence of “age” of end users on the usage of e-commerce applications. We want to enhance our understanding about other characteristics of end users such as – gender, language, culture, literacy and so on. These will help us to better understand the requirements of such applications and to generate visual models that can help in developing the applications. These can also help us to evaluate the existing e-commerce applications and propose improvements.


Student cohort

Double Semester


The main research activities include survey and case study of end users to understand their characteristics. We then design visual models to represent those characteristics along with the requirements. The expected outcome would be better understanding of end user characteristics and visual model to represent the requirements of e-commerce applications.

Required knowledge

Familiarity with different UML diagrams would be added advantage.