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Social Media Connector for KoBo Kit

Primary supervisor

Tom Bartindale

Large scale qualitative and quantitative data collection is fundamental to many Non Government Organisations (NGO) day-to-day practice.

The most common mode of capturing such data is to send field-workers into the communities that you wish to collect data from, where they conduct interviews and surveys.

A number of open-source tools have emerged that offer easy to deploy infrastructures for collecting (mobile apps), processing and reporting on such data. Although they leverage digital technology to aid in the speed and reliability of this collection, using such tools still requires someone in person to collect data.

By using the existing social media networks that participants in communities already use, such data collection processes can be conducted remotely, either through prompting for audio, video or text responses.

This provides an option for scaling to large numbers of participants without the resource constraints of field workers, whilst providing opportunities for further engagement with the participants at a later date.

This project explores how to integrate such a social-media supported collection process as an extension of KoBo Toolkit, one of the leading open source data collection toolkits used by NGOs worldwide.


Develop a workflow for integrating social-media as a collection tool into the KoBo Toolkit data pipeline.

Required knowledge

This project will require software development skills and a high-level understanding of qualitative methods (e.g. interviewing).