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Reappropriating Maker Toolkits for Disabled Children

Primary supervisor

Swamy Ananthanarayan


There are a growing number of child-friendly Maker toolkits (e.g., Makey Makey, Lilypad, etc.) for art, education and play, however there is not much in this area for children with physical or cognitive disabilities. In this project we will examine the issues with existing off-the-shelf toolkits and how they can be modified for use with this particular population.

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester


The broad aim of this project is to empower and include children with disabilities in the larger maker community. The sub-goals are:

  • Identify existing toolkit(s) in this space that are potentially supportive of the needs of this target group
  • Modify, design and develop technological aids to allow these toolkit(s) to be used for maker activities
  • Evaluate and develop design guidelines for reappropriating off-the-shelf technology for this group

Required knowledge

  • Experience with the use of emerging "maker" technologies such as 3D printing and electronics, or similar technology
  • Be willing to work with both disabled children users and disability organizations institutions, and undertake user studies
  • Be an advocate for inclusive practice in craft and making