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Proxy Stage Lamps for Skills Teaching

Primary supervisor

Tom Bartindale

Stage lighting is traditionally learnt and taught to students in a master-apprentice relationship through repeat practice on real equipment.

Its possible to support this type of practice-based hand-on experience in a normal high-school classroom, even though schools often have access to such equipment.

We have developed model electronic stage lights based around BBC:Microbit which allow students to gain hands-on experience of these skills in the classroom. This lights can be controlled using existing stage lighting equipment, or be used alongside real equipment to help give students a chance to get 'hands-on' experience but within a classroom.

Currently we have a limited understanding of the ways in which teaching and learning can be specifically configured using these models, and how such work could be assessed.

This project aims to build on this toolkit, and develop the technology and teaching materials further to support structured learning for students.


To better understand how lighting proxies can be used to teach hands-on skills in the classroom.