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Optimising Information Layouts in Augmented Reality

Primary supervisor

Barrett Ens


Augmented reality (AR) allows virtual information visualisation to be overlaid onto the real-world environment. This is useful for mobile industrial workers in mining, construction, agriculture and other industries, who in future will rely on information they need being integrated directly into the world around them. While this will become commonplace in future, it is not currently clear how to distribute such visual information in the environment to best support the task at hand.


This project will aim to create a novel algorithm to optimise information layouts in 3D environments, balancing factors such as spatial geometry, available surfaces, background colour and texture, etc. The layouts will be developed for use with immersive Augmented Reality displays such as HoloLens, or in simulated environments using Virtual Reality (e.g. using photogrammetry scans viewed through HTC Vive).

Required knowledge

Experience in optimisation. Skills in C#, or in another Object Programming language. Experience with Unity is a plus.