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Linking social data to knowledge bases (filled already)

Primary supervisor

Teresa Wang

Note: this project is filled

Many industry big shots have built up their own knowledge bases to store the knowledge about the enitities they care, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and etc. These knowledge bases are capable of storing the objective knowledge that machines are easier to understand compared with natural language texts. Knowledge bases based construction and analysis have been very hot research areas in both industry and academia (which has revolutionized NLP, QA and many other machine learning and deep learning areas). For how knowledge graphs revolutionize Google, please refer to:

Even though knowledge bases store very useful common-sense knowledge, their linkage and applications to domain-specific applications have not been well studied yet due to challenges in accurately linking knowledge base entities to entities in domain-specific applications. In this project, we focuses on how to link and apply knowledge bases to social data. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get familiar with this new concept which has been revolutionizing both academia and industry. Come and it will be fun!




Student cohort

Double Semester

Required knowledge

experienced with Python;

familiar with fundamental machine learning concepts;

tendency to a PhD afterwards is preferred