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Identifying the encryption algorithm

Primary supervisor

Amin Sakzad


  • Stuart Hall

IT Forensics is the art of extracting digital pieces of evidence also known as (aka) artifacts in a forensically sound manner, that is presentable to a court of law. In doing this it covers a range of conceptual levels, from high-level operating systems and computer theory down to computer networking. 

The specific objective(s) of this project is to look at an encrypted piece of data and distinguish what encryption algorithm is used/employed. This would benefit IT Forensics researchers/investigators attacking encrypted volumes, files, folders, etc.

Student cohort

Double Semester

Required knowledge

The student should have (1) good skills in working with paid/open-source forensic software like Autopsy, FTK, etc, (2) familiarity with the basics of cryptography.

If a student has passed FIT3168 or FIT5223 in their studies, both the above conditions are automatically met.