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Defending against phishing attacks by Human-centric AI

Primary supervisor

Carsten Rudolph


People are continuously receiving unsolicited emails where phishers impersonate legitimate organisations or trusted sender to harvest victim credentials. The rapid advance of AI boosts recent automatic detection of phishing attempts but also provides hackers with the opportunities to build increasingly sophisticated phishing tactics to bypass the filter. While attackers leverage social engineering to exploit human weakness, human skills can be a powerful component in cyber defence such as cognitive function and professional judgment.

The project aims to develop a system that incorporates human intelligence and AI to combat phishing attacks. The goal is to design a collaborative way that human strengths and AI harness, extend, and complement the capability of each other. This will build a sense of responsibility and trust for users and maximise the cyber resilience against phishing attacks.

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester

Required knowledge

Solid programming skills (required).

Some knowledge of Python programming and deep learning (preferred).