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Ant Community Platform - Making It Smarter

Primary supervisor

John Grundy

This is one of our CSIRO Next Generation AI Graduates projects: 

Note:  *** Must be Domestic Student i.e. Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident *** for RAISE programme

Project Description

We have an existing product that focus on mid-market service or product delivery companies. The product is offering a community solution that offers support around a specific product or service. We want to increase its capabilities to offer smart content moderation and smart responses.

Expected Outcomes.

  1. All community posts are moderated automatically using smart language analysis and content analysis.
  2. System is able to answer a community question similar to that of a human community member, and continue to learn from human community members.

Scholarship Type:

An Honour Student (1 Year)

Industry Partner:

Linking Integrating is offering professional services and solutions for businesses to increase efficiencies in operations, grow in existing and new channels, transform traditional to new style of business making business offerings more relevant to evolving markets Our purpose is to help businesses take advantage of new digital technology that can improve operational efficiencies, client engagement and business growth.

Student cohort

Double Semester

Required knowledge

Must be Domestic Student for RAISE programme - Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident

Undertaking Honors degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science

Human-centric software engineering requirements, design, evaluation experience would be an advantage

Some Natural Language Processing (NLP) experience/interest would be an advantage

Strong ability to design, code, test in a suitable programming language