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Affordable Visual Sports Analytics using GPS tracking

Primary supervisor

Sarah Goodwin


Sport Analytics is a lucrative area in the professional sports arenas, however, amateur players and coaches can benefit from some of this relatively affordable technology. Can we learn valuable knowledge about sports players' positions on the field through the use of affordable GPS trackers and open software for analysis without the need for stadium cameras and professional tracking equipment.

Student cohort

Single Semester
Double Semester


In this project we seek to explore this topic in greater depth.

Through analysing data from wearable GPS trackers and exploring the adaption of our open source software built to explore alternative data sets with a similar structure.  The software provides the ability to see more into the data. In particular the software allows the user to focus their exploration on areas of interest (e.g. zones on a pitch) or time windows of interest (e.g. the time window from when a corner was kicked and a goal occurred in football / soccer).

In this research project we aim to interview coaches, players and analysts of their needs in player position and movement analysis, and to evaluate the ability for GPS tracked data to improve their understanding and communication of the sport in question. (we aim to explore different outdoor sports such as football / soccer, AFL, tennis etc)

Required knowledge

Honours or Masters level. Competent programmer, especially with Javascript and other web technologies. Interest in data exploration and data visualisation and visual analytics. Interest in sports and wearable devices certainly advantageous. Basic knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods useful.