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Enhancing Service User Care Pathway Experience through AI-Driven Personalisation

Primary supervisor

Teresa Wang


  • Roisin McNaney
  • Prof. Marie Yap (Turner Institute, School of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science)

This scholarship is open to Australian and New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents

The project is a partnership with headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation

We are seeking a highly motivated and innovative PhD student interested in exploring the opportunities for using AI to enhance personalisation of services and resource recommendations, ultimately optimising the overall user journey. This project will improve the care pathway experience for young people and families accessing mental health services through the headspace website.

Possible approaches to addressing this challenge might include:

  • Developing algorithms to identify patterns and preferences based on service users’ previous content engagement on the headspace website, enabling the generation of tailored service and resource suggestions
  • Exploring 1:1 and group chat inputs to identify recurring themes in presenting needs and implement AI-driven tools to automate content suggestions or propose next steps.
  • Establishing a system to share identified themes and content suggestions in real time with service providers during live engagements, to facilitate more specific and timely content recommendations by service providers to enhance user engagement.
  • Analysing website activity data to identify potential crisis points that might require intervention or escalation to a clinician when critical points are detected, ensuring timely support.
  • Utilising data inputs from service user surveys to enhance the generation of personalised service and resource recommendations and implementing strategies to continuously refine recommendations based on evolving user preferences and needs.
  • Analysing assessment inputs to determine appropriate next steps which may include appropriate resource or service recommendations or follow-up assessments.


Required knowledge

Prospective candidates should possess a strong background in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis. Additionally, experience in healthcare informatics, user experience research, and a commitment to improving mental health services are highly desirable.

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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